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February 27th, 2015
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Epstein’s Alleged ‘Sex Slave’ Prior Rape Allegation Found Not Credible in 1998

Epstein’s Alleged ‘Sex Slave’ Prior Rape Allegation Found Not Credible in 1998

The Daily News obtained records that reveled a few months prior to Virginia Roberts becoming Jeffery Epstein’s “sex slave” for Jeffrey Epstein, she accused two other young men of rape, and her allegations were shown to not be credible.

New light has been shed by the official documents, on the now 31-year-old Roberts situation around the time right before she was employed by wealthy financier Epstein, who she accused in a sensational federal suit of allegedly pimping her out to other powerful associates, including Prince Andrew and famed attorney Alan Dershowitz.

The Daily news reports in a February 23 article by Oren Yaniv:

In 1998, a 14-year-old Roberts swore that two acquaintances sexually assaulted her inside a car at a wooded area near West Palm Beach, Fla. But following a months-long investigation, prosecutors declined to pursue the case “due to the victim’s lack of credibility and no substantial likelihood of success at trial,” court records state.

The girl’s mom, who pushed police to investigate the incident after a social worker at a group home reported it, told a detective “about her daughter’s past drug abuse and also how many kids in Royal Palm Beach are involved in drugs, witchcraft and animal sacrifice,” according to a confidential report by the Palm Beach County Sheriff’s Office.

Sigrid McCawley, one of Roberts’ current lawyers, stood by her client’s account and slammed the release of the documents.

“For the prosecutors to describe her as not credible means only that they did not think they had sufficient evidence to win. But she was raped,” the lawyer said in a statement. “And to be victimized all over again with the leak of sealed juvenile records is disgraceful.”

Roberts claimed that in early February 1998, boys she knew as Josh, 18, and Kevin, 17, drank alcohol and smoked pot with her before she passed out.

She recalled waking up as the two took turns having sex with her. She estimated the ordeal “lasted around five to seven hours” and she was then dropped off at Josh’s house where she had sex with him again.

An officer commented it was difficult to get in touch with her “because she is housed in a confidential location and calls to the patients are strictly limited.”

When the accused teenagers were located that summer, both volunteered their versions, contending the encounter was a boozy consensual threesome.

Josh conceded in a lengthy police interview the girl was tired, said he urged her not to go to sleep and added she then “said to him something to the effect of ‘why don’t you keep me awake’ ” before they had sex, a detective wrote. “Josh went on to tell me that ‘at no point did I hear no, I guess that’s the important thing.’ ”

Josh surrendered to police in August 1998 and was booked for probable cause on a charge of lewd assault upon a child. Kevin also denied the rape and was processed as a juvenile, the report says.

“I wasn’t hiding anything,” Josh, 35, told The News, adding he only knew the teen as Jen, never saw her again after the one night and that her accusation caught him by surprise.

“Of course I was concerned — somebody tried to press serious charges against me,” he said.

In October 1998, prosecutors decided to drop the case against him, said Mike Edmondson, spokesman for the Palm Beach state attorney’s office. He could not find a record for Kevin.

The News is withholding the suspects’ full names because they were not formally charged with a crime.

Roberts has given interviews to the press describing three years of sexual exploitation at the hands of Epstein.

In 1999, she was working in a Palm Beach club when socialite Ghislaine Maxwell recruited her to Epstein’s harem of adolescents, according to an affidavit filed last month. Roberts, identified as “Jane Doe No. 3,” filed the affidavit to try to join an ongoing suit against the U.S. government for violating victims’ rights by signing a lenient plea deal with Epstein, an admitted pedophile.

Epstein, 61, ended up pleading guilty in 2008 for soliciting sex from an underage girl and did 13 months behind bars. He agreed not to challenge liability if victims sued him, and over a dozen, including Roberts, settled civil suits for undisclosed sums.

In her latest filing, Roberts brought up salacious allegations of orgies and sexual trysts she says she was forced to engage in with other men, naming the playboy prince and Dershowitz.

The law professor — who is trying to intervene in that suit to expunge his name from it — said his case is different from the 1998 probe, when the dispute was about factual details.

“In my case, she made up the whole story,” Dershowitz said.

Michael Salnick, the defense lawyer who represented Kevin, explained that even a statutory rape rap based on age alone would have been up to prosecutors’ discretion and noted Roberts now faces scrutiny after lodging serious allegations against additional individuals.

“She needs to be careful the past doesn’t come back to haunt her,” he said.

McCawley said Roberts won’t be cowered by revelations about her youth.

“Blaming a girl, who by age 14 had been sexually abused, and who finally went to the police for help, is both wrong and hurtful,” she stated.

“Despite the efforts of her critics, she will not be silenced.”


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