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January 27th, 2015
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After the Terror – We Must Rise from Slumber

After the Terror – We Must Rise from Slumber

It's been a few weeks now since Muslim terrorists slaughtered French citizens whom they deemed enemies of Islam. It seems that honest, fearless journalists and Jews are on the same wavelength to these savages. There was an initial outrage in the Western world over these incidents but as predicted, the front pages of our newspapers are now focusing on the upcoming Superbowl and what movies are PC enough to win an Academy Award. Along with this meaningless news to wash away the shivers of Islamic radicalism, President Obama has brushed aside any Muslim involvement with the Paris massacre by labeling it a "terrorist" action. His response to the domestic Islamic act of terror of the Boston Marathon horror was to term it simply as "a tragedy." Sort of like an airplane crash, a forest fire or a hurricane. The media and our president are experts at diluting and shrugging off the threats to this country by the world of Muslim extremism, fanaticism and religious hatred. And we buy it.

America is on the verge of slumbering off into the sleep of death that Europe is trying so hard to awaken from. We have twice elected the same type of leader that the Continent has chosen over the last twenty years. They have been the anesthetists who have fed the era of political correctness into the veins of the citizens of their nations causing France, the Netherlands and others to blindly accept, coddle and permit Muslim immigrants to spawn out of control with government subsidies. Muslim neighborhoods have become closed communities banning infidels from entry. They riot out of control when their "needs" aren't met, with the usual apologies from national leaders including their quickly bowing to the demands of the Islamists whatever they may be. Europe and France have brought this problem on themselves and must awaken to fight off the internal Muslim enemies before their nations are turned into wastelands like Syria and Iraq. The perfect setting for Islam is bedlam.

America is now being lulled into a fast coma. Our Director of National Intelligence, James Clapper, has referred to the Muslim Brotherhood as "Largely secular." President Obama told us that Al Qaeda, "Is finished." His VP, Joe Biden remarked that Americans, "Face no existential threat from terrorism." So why are Muslims being hauled off to jail on a daily basis for what the FBI calls terrorist actions? Why has our government sentenced Maj. Nidal to jail for "workplace violence," after being convicted of killing thirteen fellow soldiers at Ft. Hood? And what hand picked military jury ignored his shouting out, "Allahu Akhbar," while pumping bullets into fellow Americans?

Is our military being compromised by the president and his honchos to pack away their training at West Point and the battlefields and subordinate their decisions to the political correctness of their politically appointed civilian "superiors?" It seems as though there has been a thorough purge of our top military since Obama took office. Dozens of top brass have been convicted on trumped up charges while others have been given their walking papers. All to be replaced with politically correct or just by those whose careers may be greased by accommodating the wishes of the likes of Leon Panetta, Valerie Jarrett or Hillary Clinton. Our military is being turned into a political machine governed by the Radical Left in D.C.

During WWII, the last war this nation has won, we fought tooth and nail to defeat the enemy. Civilian casualties were never an issue. We bombed, shelled and battered our enemies until they surrendered unconditionally. The world of Radical Islam is now being treated as a victim of some unknown, mysterious illness. We must cater to them, accept their behavior, let them rant, rave and slaughter as they see fit and just stand back and try to reason with them to understand that their actions are not acceptable to us. But we must not aggravate, injure or insult them lest they rise out of their nests and punish us. Unless we start choosing our leaders more wisely, unless our citizens wake up to the road of "European disaster" we are taking, we too, will walk the sleep of the dead.


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