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Sandro Rosell
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Wednesday, 26 October 2016


The Jewish harvest festival of Sukkot brings people outdoors into decorated ‘huts,' but that doesn’t mean the huts aren’t luxurious.

Right after Yom Kippur is over, the sound of hammers rings throughout Israel as people begin building temporary “huts” called sukkot (sukkah in singular).

The week-long harvest and thanksgiving festival of Sukkot (Tabernacles), this year from nightfall October 16 through October 23, brings many Israelis and tourists outdoors to dine (and sometimes sleep) in the sukkah with the stars peeking through the roof of branches, lumber or bamboo in keeping with biblical tradition.

People typically decorate their sukkah with posters, paper chains, colored lights and hanging fruit. In fancy sukkot you might

After the summer heat and before the winter rains, you can do some awesome treks in one of Israel’s most scenic areas.

As the brutal heat of the Israeli summer transitions to cooler autumn temperatures, new vistas open for hiking in the Holy Land.

The Dead Sea area – essentially off limits from June through September due to the succession of 100-degree plus days – should be back on the agenda for fall trekkers, especially before the winter rains, which bring the possibility of

In Israel you don’t have to limit your history lesson to tourist sites. You can book a stay in a renovated ancient building.

Israel is a land with thousands of years of history and myriad archeological sites to explore. Visitors can even find overnight accommodations boasting a long backstory.

It’s not hard to find Israeli hotels or inns housed in renovated 19th century Ottoman buildings, such as the Austrian Hospice (1858) in Jerusalem; the Scots Hotel (1894) in Tiberias or 1885

The Principality of Monaco's picturesque location, beautiful harbors and mild climate is the perfect backdrop to a fall season for residents and visitors alike – offering a rich calendar of annual cultural performances, gastronomic explorations, educational experiences and world-famous events all clothed in the luxurious surroundings that only Monaco can provide.

Below are just a few of the highlights from Monaco’s fall calendar of events:


October 27- 30

Now in its

Discover and enjoy the fall colors, activities & annual events — Free You.

As fall colors begin to debut in the Pocono Mountains, serves as a guide visitors can use to enjoy all the region has to offer with our 25 ways to view fall foliage offering information on annual festivals, events, activities, special fall offers and our popular fall foliage forecast.

"Generally, the leaves tend to change colors about the same time, but with three color regions