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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, October 22, 2017


Foggy, rugged island on the North Atlantic has no Jewish school or kosher dairy—at least, not yet

I could hear the screech of packing tape being stretched across cardboard boxes and the thud, thud of its ends being slapped down by eager hands. Speaking by phone to Rabbi Chanan Chernitsky at his apartment in Montreal, a mountain of cargo seemed to grow in the background. He and his wife, Tuba, were preparing to send it all to their new home and the home of the world’s newest Chabad House: St. John’s, Newfoundland. Their dishes, books, strollers, menorah, Shabbat candlesticks, and other home and Jewish necessities would soon begin a 1,500-mile journey to a remote Canadian island—and so would the Chernitskys and their three young

Connect to the wonders of nature by hiking in the light of the moon against Israel’s many majestic backdrops

Night hiking in Israel when the moon is full has many advantages and romantic qualities, the most basic of which is the convenient combination of cooler nighttime temperatures and maximum visibility. Israel is blessed with many majestic backdrops — the bright white limestone of the Judean Desert or the shimmering waters of the Sea of Galilee — that find their shine quite

To many Americans, a trip to Turkey has long seemed like a dream excursion. A NATO ally that sits at the crossroads of Europe and Asia, Turkey has offered an approachable window into exotic history and culture. And the flights are generally affordable, too.

But Turkey has changed in the past few years. The State Department hasn't issued a travel warning yet, but if Americans think they'll be safe there, they're wrong.

One year ago today, Andrew Brunson was arrested.

Originally from North

Discover and enjoy the fall colors, activities & annual events — Free You.

As fall colors begin to debut in the Pocono Mountains, serves as a guide visitors can use to enjoy all the region has to offer with our 25 ways to view fall foliage offering information on annual festivals, events, activities, special fall offers and our popular fall foliage forecast.

"Generally, the leaves tend to change colors about the same time, but with three color regions

Drawing in families and serving longtime residents in a background of art and nature

It’s been a year since the doors of a brand-new Jewish center opened on Vancouver Island, the majestic outpost in the northeastern Pacific Ocean tucked off Canada’s coast, north of Seattle. In fact, the Chabad Centre for Jewish Life and Learning represents the first new synagogue there in 150 years. A synagogue, now a historic landmark, was built on the island in 1863, during the height of the gold rush in