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February 10th, 2016
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70’s Rocker Off His Rocker? ...or does he Really hate Jews?

70’s Rocker Off His Rocker? ...or does he Really hate Jews?

Former Rock Star Ted Nugent has sold 30 Million records. He’s also broken a number of records by managing to be a true equal-opportunity annoyer. His board membership on the Safety-First NRA does not seem to have afflicted him with an inability to be loose cannon.

The latest kerfuffle is one where Nugent, or whoever handles his Social Media, posted to his notoriously anti-government-control website a truly offensive graphic that seems to have been pulled from or adapted from one of those other pro-gun sites... the neo-Nazi ones.

The graphic features photographs of politicians and celebrities who support strict gun control... JEWISH celebrities who support strict gun control.

But that’s not the offensive part.

It seems that whoever originally contrived this disinfo-graphic saw fit to editorialize on the people listed. While the offensive grid features the usual suspects: Senators Schumer, Feinstein, Boxer, Blumenthal and even former/late (respectively) Levin and Lautenberg. Also in attendance are Chicago Mayor Rahm Emanuel, former New York Mayor Michael Bloomberg, and Professor Alan Dershowitz, who supports handgun regulation but readily acknowledges the unpopular-among liberals notion the second amendment applies only to organized militias. Dershowitz has said that although he wouldn’t necessarily have chosen to pass the second amendment, it’s foolish to think that it doesn’t grant citizens the right to bear arms.

The offensive part, that each portrait is emblazoned with an Israeli flag, and each person is accused of espionage, theft, dual loyalty, etc. while “Jew York City Mayor (sic) ‘Mikey’ Bloomberg is listed as a ‘9/11 Israeli agent,” senator Feinstein is only listed as an agent of the Globalists. “Chucky boy” Schumer is featured right next to the late Senator Frank Lautenberg, who is accused, posthumously, with giving your tax money to “Russian Jew Immigrants.”

The piece is contemptible, but not meant for any kind of sophisticated audience. (Do not assume that NRA members, even the anti-Semitic ones, are automatically stupid.) Anyone who can read a newspaper knows that whatever agreement, support, or even consensus these members of the tribe may offer to the anti-gun lobby, there are Jews on both sides and none of the scapegoats pictured pose anything near the obstacles potentially employed by the democratic frontrunner, who has admitted that she sees the confiscation of guns from law-abiding citizens as desirable.

While it’s fair to say that several of those depicted have vigorous anti-gun credentials, it’s hard to believe the expounded description of the group as being “...punks. They hate Freedom, they hate good over evil...”

If Nugent did write these comments himself, even if he was drunk, they’re awful and obnoxious but are his routine opinions on the people Nugent says, “Would deny us the basic human right to self defense & to KEEP & BEAR ARMS.”

There’s really nothing new about his vitriol. The issue is that here it accompanies a list of Jews whose opinions are being ascribed to malevolent motives.

He probably would have been better putting together his OWN graphic with the pictures and names, but since some neo-Nazi site had already gone to the trouble....

It’s not likely that Ted Nugent hates Jews and less likely that he hates Israel. Owing to his extreme conservative views, his Social Media outlets attract the requisite xenophobes, race-baiters and anti-Semites. Just as far left sources attract comments and communication from the odd communist, anarchist, Stalinist, or Israel hater.

Nonetheless, seeing the thousands of comments coming in, Nugent - as many people do, celebrity or otherwise - clicks LIKE on facebook without necessarily endorsing - or even reading - the original comment. And therefore you will find on the internet posts entitled “Ted Nugent Likes the Idea That Israel Was behind the Septemner 11th Attacks,” when what happened is he clicked ‘like’ on a rambling tirade from a misguided fan.

We don’t yet know how this will play out. As mentioned above, the scandal becomes a non-issue without the Jew-Baiting. The stuff he says about them is trivial compared to what was said about sitting President George Bush every day of every week.

Nugent’s actual opinions may be clearer from something he wrote himself a few years ago. It’s an essay called “Israel’s Path to Peace.” For writing this straightforward advice to the Jewish state he was roundly criticized, not only by the American left, but by Neo-Nazis because of his manifest admiration for Israel, despite the scorn he shows the Arabs.

Here’s an excerpt:

-From “Israel’s Path to Peace” by Ted Nugent, 2009

“There comes a point when violence is clearly the only answer. Peace most often throughout history is achieved through the application of relentless and superior firepower. Now is such a time for Israel.

Israel must defeat utterly the rabid, voodoo vermin known as Hamas. After launching more than three thousand rockets and mortars into Israel within the last year, Israel has every right and obligation to destroy Hamas. No nation can be expected to tolerate such a bombardment.

Cease-fires and negotiations never last with terrorist scumpunks because evil, hateful terrorists do not want to live in peace: they worship violence and don’t see their opponents — be it us or the Israelis — as human beings. Hamas, Hizballah and other soulless people such as Iran’s Ahmadinijad apply vicious religious voodoo logic by believing killing non-Muslims, especially Jews, pleases Allah. Never forget these voodoo killers have vowed the complete destruction of Israel.”

Avi Ben-Mordechai


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