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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Friday, 30 September 2016


Former Likud minister Gideon Sa'ar said that during the coming year he may return to the political arena.

Former Likud minister Gidon Sa'ar said in a radio interview that during the coming year he may return to the political arena.

"When I left I explained that I was taking a break," said Sa'ar. "I did not say I was leaving, only taking a break because I wanted to live a different type of life with my family and I am very happy today. No day passes without a lot of people addressing me and asking me to return and if this is the situation I will have to return. If I see that the public wills it at the relevant time, I will draw the necessary conclusions."

Sa'ar says he is ready to return to politics. "If I look at the coming year, I

Unique technological methods reveal biblical text in an ancient scroll dated back to the first centuries.

Digital imaging and unique technological methods known as virtual unwrapping are being credited with revealing to the world an ancient Dead Sea scroll dating back to the first centuries.

Prof. Brent Seales and his team from the University of Kentucky say the text in the ancient Ein Gedi scroll – the first severely damaged, ink-based scroll to be unrolled and identified noninvasively— is

Approximately 200 Israelis from all over the country, most of them youngsters and students, welcomed the Israeli team home from the 2016 Paralympic Games in Rio with signs and balloons at Ben-Gurion Airport.

“I felt we needed to show our appreciation and our respect to the members of the Paralympic delegation. They accomplished incredible things and succeeded in connecting the Israeli community together.” said Ouri Shechter, who organized the welcoming reception at Ben-Gurion, to Tazpit

Police continued the crackdown on the Israeli-Arab Knesset party Balad Wednesday, arresting 13 additional suspects on suspicion of fraud. The arrests bring the number of Balad activists, lawyers and accountants arrested since Sunday to 36. No Balad Knesset members have been arrested.

The police suspect that the new detainees, all party activists, have been involved in a money laundering ring to defraud the Israeli government by misrepresenting the origin of millions of shekels (at least

The Jerusalem Magistrate’s Court on Sunday morning sentenced Sheikh Omar Abu Sara to eight months in prison, but the Honenu legal aid organization, which filed the complaint, criticized the ruling as “too little, too late.”

Abu Sara was convicted in March of incitement to violence and incitement to racism during a November, 2014 speech on the Temple Mount in which he prayed for the day that Jews would be “slaughtered” and al-Aqsa would be “cleansed of their filth,” and that Jews are similar to