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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Thursday, 20 October 2016

JV Editorial

Sitting as a moral blight on the East Side of Midtown Manhattan is the United Nations. Since 1952, this group of buildings has housed tens of thousands of do-nothing staffers who enrich themselves with the funding from such nations as our own, while their fellow citizens back home die of malnutrition, disease and mass slaughter in seemingly unending violence ignored by their privileged delegates living in heavenly splendor. Among the numerous worthless agencies of the UN is the United Nations Educational Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO), itself founded in 1946 staining the beauty of Paris, thankfully 3,000+ miles from our shores. Perhaps a future United States President with a stern backbone, will fulfill the wishes of our

B'Tselem Helps Repressive Regimes at UN Security Council

Dear Editor:

On Friday, the Israeli non-governmental organization B’Tselem appeared before a special session of the U.N. Security Council.

The executive director, Hagai Elad, demanded “decisive international action” in order to end Israel’s presence in the West Bank.

In an email sent to B'Tselem mailing lists before the appearance, the group bragged, “This is one of the most important diplomatic opportunities in B’Tselem’s

A Vote for Trump

Dear Editor:

A vote for Donald Trump, I’m convinced, is akin to an act of avodah zara, idol worship, inasmuch as the nominee believes himself to be a god, above other humans, infallible, with the right to exercise vengeance and crush his rivals, competitors and opponents. Adolf Hitler once said of himself that Providence was on his side.

But when it comes to national leaders I take my cue from Moshe Rabbeinu of whom it was said he was the humblest of human beings (Bamidbar

One party political rule, call it fascism if you will, does not happen overnight nor does it occur by accident. It is a well-planned out route requiring total control of the vital organs of a nation. For any totalitarian government to subjugate its people it must first dominate the media, the educational system, the military, the top judiciary and as its ultimate reward, the beating heart of any nation, its "elected" legislature. These steps to destruction generally occur slowly over time

We enter the first few days of the new year of 5777 with the usual prayers for world peace and for G-d to bestow his blessings on the Jewish people. We are a singular community, who throughout our history have welcomed in each new year with a hope that springs eternal. Yet, among those of us whose feet are firmly planted on the ground and whose heads are not buried like onions deep within the soils of willful ignorance, we are very well aware we're tiptoeing our way into a troubled shanah. We