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June 29th, 2016
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Opinion JV Editorial

JV Editorial

Bravo to the UK for Dumping the EU

Bravo to the UK for Dumping the EU

Great Britain's voices for nationalism, independence and sanity as evidenced by last week's vote (Brexit) to leave the European Union (EU) shocked the world's elitist, socialist goaled, in power sophisticates. How could the rank and file Brits, those considered by their all knowing leaders as ill-educated dimwits have the audacity and stupidity to make the decision to leave their protective umbrella of the EU? Simple: The ordinary hard working English folk were tired of bailing out their less successful partners, Spain, Greece, Portugal and Cyprus, who could not maintain their own fiscal responsibilities. The "One for All and All for One!" rules of the EU were hit with a solid haymaker. The voters gave the signal to the world that the end was near for Globalism which is merely a euphemism for Socialism.

And let's not forget the role that President Obama had on the outcome of that election. He, over three thousand miles away from that contest, tried to influence the vote by throwing his tainted two cents into the fray by warning the British that they would be relegated to the "back of the queue" with its U.S. trade if it decided to leave the EU. And this guy thought he had influence with a nation he overtly despises. Recall, his insulting return of the Churchill sculpting to England that had been in the Oval Office during the Bush years.

Then his thoughtless gift to the Queen of an Ipod of videos, a sign of the inherited disdain for that nation from his father, his effect on the vote was that voter sentiment moved decidedly in favor of Brexit once Obama opened his mouth. According to Newsmax, "so strong was the backlash to Obama's blatant attempt to influence the Brexit vote - polls following his April visit to London showed the opposition to his remarks running at about 60 percent, that a reasonable case could be made he contributed to the outcome." So now, Obama appears to have been the kiss of death to British Globalists' hopes. In regard to his involvement with British issues, we might bring up the feigned fury of this man at what he claimed was Netanyahu's interventionist comments relating to our deal with Iran. Netanyahu can't, but Obama can.

But important to the pro-Israel community is the effect the turmoil among the remaining EU nations may have on the Jewish state. The EU is an enemy of Israel. The Continent's leaders are vehemently pro BDS and stand with Palestine. Any weakening of this group will be a welcome bit of news for Israel and its supporters. The European Commission, the executive and main branch of the EU, on November 11th of last year published its long threatened notice on labeling Israeli "settlement" products and Israel's worst fears have been realized. It imposes trade sanctions against the Jewish state. It is poorly drafted, reasoned and has nothing but contempt for Israel. It also violates international law. Simply put, all merchandise and products from the Golan Heights, East Jerusalem and the West Bank that are sold in Europe must be labeled, "Made in settlements."

There is fear that the logic behind the labeling could be extended by targeting businesses that have operations in the above areas, as many do. Banks that provide mortgages to homeowners in the West Bank could become vulnerable to divestment from Europe. Retail chains with outlets in settlements could be barred from the Continent and manufacturers that use parts made in factories there could face sanctions and boycotts. In short, the EU has begun its long feared assault on the lifeblood of Israel: its exports. In this same document however, the EU strangely acknowledges the, at this time, non-existent state of Palestine by ruling that products made in the West Bank or Gaza may be labeled as "Products of Palestine."

We congratulate the citizens of Great Britain for removing themselves from the European Union which has set the destructive continental rules for open borders and unlimited immigration. They have wisely, in a sense, replicated our own revolution of 1776 which gave us our independence from their own nation's then despotic rule. It is hoped that our Americans show the same common sense of self preservation and national pride to move us away from the international demon of Globalism that its supporters Obama and Hillary so desperately support. Our chips and prayers are on the voters who will make that momentous decision on the forthcoming Election Day.


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