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September 17th, 2014
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Opinion JV Editorial

JV Editorial

Turkey: New World Sponsor of Terrorism

Turkey: New World Sponsor of Terrorism

Turkey was at one time, a great stop for tourists. It's the bridge joining Asia and Europe. It's replete with historic sites, super food and had a pro-western outlook although ninety eight percent of its population is Muslim. That paradise started to cloud over when two of its premier synagogues were simultaneously blown up in 2003. Immediately after these events, Islamist, Recep Erdogan was elected the country's prime minister. In 2014 he became its president. End of Paradise on the Bosphorus. No more carefree shopping underground in the spacious Grand Bazaar and tea at the gazillion carpet markets for infidels. Welcome to another Islamic state.

Recall, if you will the disaster that was the Flotilla that attempted to breach Israel's blockade of Hamas' Gaza. It set sail from Turkey and was funded and supported by the Turkish government. Under pressure from President Obama, Israel apologized for its action, only to be slapped in the face by Erdogan's threat to send Turkish warships with the next "humanitarian" convoy to Gaza. The once good relationship between Israel and Turkey might never be resumed. Thank you, Barack!

Today, Turkey is attempting to replicate its past centuries' role as the great Ottoman Empire and setting itself up as the base for a worldwide Caliphate that ended with its being on the losing side as a WWI partner of Germany and Austria. That dream has been awakened by the Islamist surge in the Mid East and its seeds being planted in  Western lands. Turkey's hatred of Christians was evidenced by its slaughter of over one million Armenians in 1915. Today, Israel, the Little Satan sitting atop the territory that  was once Ottoman ruled, must go.

The current alignment of forces in the mostly Muslim Middle East comes as a surprise to those who are interested enough to understand its lunacies. Sides have been drawn with Israel now having the tacit support of Saudi Arabia, the Gulf States and Egypt. This awkward alliance was brought about by the understanding among them that, "The enemy of my enemy is my friend."

On the opposite side of the line drawn in the sands of that region, are Iran, Turkey, Qatar and amazingly, the United States. There is no doubt that Obama and Kerry lean toward appeasing the forces of Islamic terror through their bumbling and seemingly hesitant  moves to take a military action against ISIS and the terrorists who are attempting to overrun  Syria. Mind numbing, dangerous policies.

The overt moves of Turkey siding with the likes of Hamas, Hezbollah, the revolutionaries in Syria and the savage ISIS are frightening. It is a military powerhouse and a member of NATO. The actions of our own government in cuddling with the likes of President Erdogan and Iran are signals to Islamists all over the world that the United States has given them its nod of approval. Sad, but we must face reality in response to President Obama's overt actions against Israel and his obvious weak-kneed approach to Muslim terror abroad and at home.  The alarm clock has already rung. It's wake-up time.


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