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October 13th, 2015
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Opinion JV Editorial

JV Editorial

Where in the World are Kerry & Power?

Where in the World are Kerry & Power?

We wondered why, when the cameras focused on the U.S. delegation at the U.N. during Netanyahu's talk, that both John Kerry and Samantha Power were jointly absent. Had they stepped out for a smoke? Had they both gone to the unisex john together? After all, they were sitting side by side for Raul Castro's rant and for Iran's president, Hassan Rouhani's gloating remarks in that chamber of horrors just the other day.

Now we learn that they both were willingly, willfully, woefully somewhere else during Bibi's talk, in order to show the world just how lowly they treat the Jewish State and its leader. Let's use the word, "contempt" as another description of how Obama treats its greatest ally in the Middle East. According to a State Department official, "Ambassador Power and Secretary Kerry were unable to attend Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu's speech before the General Assembly because they were called into a meeting with President Obama, which they participated in via video teleconference." But that is not to say that this country did not have the rumps of really important, well known, high level officials sitting in our assigned box seats in that great United Nations hall of justice, freedom and liberty. That same official told Breitbart News that, "The United states was represented at the speech by Ambassador David Pressman, Alternate Representative of the United States to the United Nations for Special Political affairs, Ambassador to Israel, Daniel Shapiro and Ambassador Richard Erdman, Alternate Representative to the UN General Assembly," all of whom sat on their hands throughout the talk with nary a clap in support of Netanyahu's words and pleas. Was this a minor speech by a minor player in the world community that we attempted to ignore? Was there any doubt in the minds of the other UN states that Israel is in the dumpster with our country? Is this snub of the Jewish State a precursor to how we will vote in the upcoming months on issues relevant to Israel?

Obama's repeated words to the effect that he has had it with Israel and its continued support of settlement construction in areas he personally feels belong to the Palestinians leads us to believe he will either stand by and let the UN welcome in the terrorist Palestinians or cast a vote in support of such actions. From day one in office that had been one of his goals along with creating a nuclear Iran.

So have those Jews who supported Obama vocally, with their money and with their votes finally awakened to the fact that their lifelong devotion to the Democrat Party and this presidency has led to this point where our nation is now firmly allied with the enemies of Israel? Have the energy efficient light bulbs over their heads finally clicked on to make them aware of the danger to not only Israel and Jews but to all of the civilized world that our current leader is driving our bus off the cliff?

Will they have the guts to stand up publicly to denounce this outrage? And how about those rabbis who flocked to support Obama, to sign on for his election, to welcome into their houses of worship the likes of his J Street flunkies who've worked so diligently to erode Jewish support for Israel? Will they use this time of year to repent for their hateful and traitorous actions? Listen in to your rabbis' sermons in the weeks to come. If they are silent or defensive on the subject of our nation's retreat from its support of Israel, walk out, leave and go elsewhere where those who stand firmly beside Israel get together to pray.

We Jews have got to learn to play hardball with our friends, neighbors, relatives and Jewish leaders. The nose ring tethers have got to be removed, now - once and for all for the benefit of our kids, grandkids and the future of this planet. Silence will kill us.


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