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October 20th, 2014
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Special Features

Beheadings, Stonings, Hijackings, Torture, Rape and Murder – More on the Genesis of Islamic Terrorism

Beheadings, Stonings, Hijackings, Torture, Rape and Murder – More on the Genesis of Islamic Terrorism

A Madison Avenue ad writer might have concocted the slogan, "ISLAM, THE RELIGION THAT KEEPS ON GIVING!" to be displayed on a Times Square billboard. It's absolutely the truth, in a sort of a ghoulish way. Beheading, female genital mutilation, slavery, suicide bombings, airline hijackings, subway explosions, kidnapping, destruction of churches, the initiation of wars, the goal of establishing a worldwide caliphate with its complete erasure of Christianity, Judaism and all other religions practiced by infidels are all part of the legacy of Islam to the world community over the past fourteen hundred years. Thank you Muhammed for your gifts to mankind!

However, in searching for the positive, beneficial contributions of this religion to society we have to dig really deep. In doing so, one finds factual evidence to actually debunk the myths of Islam's gifts to the world. Arabic numbers were invented in India and not by the Muslim Arabs who still tout this falsehood. And the Moorish architecture found in Spain originated with the Moors of Mauretania, who were eventually converted to Islam by the marauding hordes emanating from the Arabian peninsula. Muslims, in their massive conquest of lands which were civilized and catered to learning and scientific achievements before being overwhelmed by the primitive hordes streaming out of the Arabian peninsula, have been incorrectly credited with the achievements of their enslaved peoples. We would search and end up empty handed for a world class university, a grand opera house, a national symphony or a Nobel Prize winner in science from Muslim nations such as Iraq, Pakistan, Arabia, Kuwait or Indonesia. Just where are the scientific, medical or beneficial contributions to society emanating from the lands of Islam? When an ill potentate of one of these backward nations needs treatment, where does he end up? In the Medina Medical Center or Mount Sinai in New York City? Only those infected with the disease of political correctness still chant the praises of Islam's gifts to mankind.

A convert to Islam slashes the head off a fellow worker, a woman who refused to become a Muslim. And this horrific act was not committed somewhere in the deserts of the Middle East, but in Moore, Oklahoma, USA. Welcome to the violence and brutality of Islam to our country. This should come as no surprise to anyone familiar with the Muslim faith and its teachings. This same act of severing a head is part and parcel of the culture of Islam. In the Koran (8:12) it is written:

"I will cast terror into the hearts of those who disbelieve. therefore strike off their heads and strike off every fingertip of them."

This brutality has been part and parcel of Islam since its inception in the seventh century, CE. An infidel, anyone who is not of the Islamic faith, who refuses to become one, is subject to this punishment. And that's not all that the Koran permits and even orders to its disciples. Men may marry as many as four wives with the ages of the brides not of any concern to this religion of tolerance and understanding. One of Muhammed's wives was nine years old when he took her as his bride. Women are considered useful only as sex slaves, mothers to as many as they can bear while alive and as servants to the husband. In his farewell speech in Mecca in 632 the Prophet said thusly:

If they (women) commit any open indecency....then God permits you to shut them in separate rooms and to beat them. If they abstain from evil, they have the right to their food and clothing. They are like domestic animals with you and do not possess anything for themselves."

Stoning to death, not for men but for women, accused of adultery, is a common practice in Arabia, Iran and other sharia ruled countries. Women are still not permitted to get behind the wheels of cars in that "modern" birthplace of Islam, Arabia. The eleven lowest ranking nations in granting civil rights to their citizens, according to the World Economic Forum, are all Muslim states. ACLU and NOW, where are you?

Not much is known about the practice of female genital mutilation (FGM), a practice only found under Islam and based on the teachings of Muhammed. This horror involves the removal of a girl's sexual genital organs to prevent any sexual enjoyment in later life. Aayan Hirsi Ali, born a Somali Muslim, who later dropped her faith, wrote about the practice of FGM in her books. She has been reviled by the Muslim community and threatened with assassination for her outing of the terrors associated with Islam. Very recently, Brandeis University, a Jewish founded school, banned her from appearing there after booking her as a speaker. The power of the Muslim community in our own land where the rule of the freedom of expression is basic and supposedly rock solid is not only frightening but growing day by day.

Yasser Arafat, the founder of the Palestinian Liberation Organization and Fatah, both of which still rule the Palestinian territories with an iron hand, invented the terrorist tactic of airplane hijacking. Other later Muslim thugs modernized this method of terror by planting bombs on commercial aircraft, blowing them out of the sky and using pilots to guide their seized planes into buildings containing thousands of innocent victims. The words, "Allahu Akhbar," Arabic for, "Our lord is greater than yours!" cause people to shudder in fear. This Islamic phrase is usually a precursor to acts of brutal terror all directed against infidels. That means you and me.

The forces of Islam which seek to destroy western Judeo-Christian civilization, understand that this cannot be accomplished in a military manner. We are, in combination, too modernly equipped and powerful for them to defeat on the battlefield. However, may I add, sometimes our leaders are too fearful to unleash our might to destroy the forces of Islam for one reason or another. An example of this timidity has been exposed with President Obama's stubborn refusal to eradicate ISIS. Our military commanders, trained in the utilization of our military are now openly challenging him on his foolish strategy in permitting the ISIS forces to conquer lands with little or no challenge from us. We roll our eyes as we see images of these terrorists taking over modern cities in their pick up trucks and ancient Hondas equipped with machine gun mounts.

In America, the UK and continental Europe Muslim terror is alive and well and causing havoc within the communities. We hear daily reports of these terrorists being rounded up and their plans to kill and mutilate thankfully being foiled by police and counter terror strategies. But sometimes they prevail because of their dedication to their religious beliefs. They bomb trains, decapitate victims and have disrupted our lives just by having us focus on terror prevention. Long lines at security checkpoints at airports and the time and money spent on security are growing day by day. Terror is an action that according to the dictionary is, "The use of force and violence to intimidate, subjugate as a political policy." They want us to submit by filling us with terror. And don't forget that the Arabic word for submission is Islam.

We must be concerned with the current administration's closing its eyes to the terror in our own land. The Ft. Hood shooting case was ruled by the Pentagon to be an act of "workplace violence." Major Nidal Hasan, a self styled Islamic warrior, killed thirteen military and wounded thirty two of his fellow troopers while shouting, "Allahu Akhbar." Score two points for the Jihadists in our midst! President Obama is no longer studying Islam in Indonesia. He is the President of the United States and his sworn duty is to its Constitution and to ensure the safety of the citizens of our country. He must recognize the threats to our security from the rampaging forces of Islam that have already planted seeds within our nation.

It is our duty to understand the nature of the forces threatening our way of life. Christianity and Judaism are the natural enemies of Islam according to their holy text, the Koran. We must stand up to the evil that has already exploded in the Middle East and Europe and has sprouted in our own midst. We must band together, socially and politically with our partners, the Christian community in order to fight off and defeat the forces of the "Religion of Peace," as it is foolishly labled by some. But we must first educate ourselves to the origins, goals and strategies of these Islamist forces. And with G-d's help, we will be successful.

Alan Bergstein is a proud Jewish activist and a prolific public speaker. He is a retired New York City school principal, father of four and a Korean War veteran.


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