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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, March 26, 2017

Special Features

On March 2nd, 35 cyclists found themselves alongside the Dead Sea doing something they never imagined — helping raise money for Israelis with limb-loss. The 155 kilometer “Gran Fondo” took them along sweeping desert vistas and daunting mountain climbs but the toughest challenge faced was by those that inspired them and joined them along the way.

One of the riders who joined was a 15 year-old girl named Chaya, a Jerusalem native who is wheelchair-bound due to her stunted legs and paralyzed from the waist down. But her motto is “No legs, no problem!” And indeed, using a handcycle, she rode 100 kilometers of the route including the formidable climb up the steep winding switchback of Ma’ale Akrabim, a perilous 3.5 kilometer climb with

Winners of a tourism contest to stay in the beachfront luxury suite replete with butler, room service and perfect sea views

Carrying a suitcase over a sandy beach may not sound like much fun but for the winners of an online contest run by the Israeli Tourism Ministry and the Tel Aviv-Yafo Municipality, it is worth the effort. After all, it’s not every day visitors to Israel get to stay in a lifeguard tower that has been converted into a five-star hotel.

The international campaign

At his recent bar mitzvah celebration, Lavi Gimpel’s great-grandmother handed him a check that she said was “enough for seven trees.”

“One for each member of your family. When I come to the farm someday, I want you to show each tree to me,” said the great-grandmother, Chaya Wexler.

Trees are not a typical bar mitzvah gift. But Lavi Gimpel is not a typical bar mitzvah boy. Not only did he ask his guests—and a bunch of crowd-funders, too—to help him populate the farm his family is

What do a snoring noise-cancelling technology inventor, a decorative deli container holder manufacturer and an automated retractable wall company have in common?  They all appeared before the “Moguls” at the latest session of BizTank, an innovative New York City based program that brings the famed “Shark Tank” capital-raising format to Jewish entrepreneurs and investors. Entrepreneurs pitch their companies to a panel of successful Jewish investors (the “Moguls”), asking for investments of up to

When shooting the movie Exodus, Paul Newman was a frequent visitor in Achzivland, and Rina Avivi seems to be proud of it. Sophia Loren, Brigitte Bardot and Bar Refaeli also apparently got their summer tans in this remote and idyllic bay situated only a stone’s throw away from the Lebanese border and Nahariya, Israel’s northernmost city.

“I met Sophia when I just moved to Achzivland. She taught me how to make real good spaghetti,” recalls the 70-year-old Avivi, who starts