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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Tuesday, 25 October 2016


If the Jews have no connection with the Temple Mount, where does that leave Christianity?

When it came to the ruins of Palmyra destroyed by the Islamic State, UNESCO and Western culture (also Italian) were outraged and mobilized. Now a similar denialist fury has struck the holy city of Jerusalem, but this time not only UNESCO has encouraged vandalism, but most Western democracies abstained from condemning (including my Italian government).

UNESCO has approved a motion which de facto cancels the millennial-long history of Jewish Jerusalem. It denies any relationship between Judaism and the Temple Mount and Western Wall, the most holy place for Jews, which today is no longer called the Hebrew “Kotel”, but instead the Arab “Al Burak”. In

Obama was not merely wrong when he accused Peres’s detractors of support for slavery — he was maliciously wrong

(Continued from last week)

In the 1970s as defense minister, Peres was able to rely on his warm ties to foreign leaders to shield the country as he established the Jewish communities in Samaria and Hebron. They empowered him to oversee the hostage rescue mission at Entebbe.

But following the Likud’s rise to power, Peres changed gears. Ever since 1981, when he almost managed to

New intelligence documents estimate that Israeli navigator Ron Arad died a short while after he was taken captive

New intelligence documents estimate that Israeli navigator Ron Arad died a short while after he was taken captive and not as had previously been believed, according to a Channel 2 report Monday evening.

According to the report, 30 years after Arad was taken captive, intelligence agencies attempted to solve the mystery of his disappearance, as he was then still considered to be

“Who's more foolish - the fool, or the one who follows him?” The quote, quite memorable, particularly to fans of Hollywood’s “Star Wars,” best describes the American voter and the surrender of all common sense while endeavoring to propel one’s chosen candidate into the White House.

The 2016 presidential election promises us this – two candidates who never open their mouths without this inevitable certainly: that he will say something that he or his supporters later come to regret; and that she says something

Trump took control. He had facts. He had substance. She had political clichés.

Donald Trump came in with a preexisting condition, that of failure to communicate at the first debate against Hillary Clinton.

Last night in St. Louis he was given a second chance to go strong where earlier he had been weak in pointing out Clinton’s flaws, among them her soft approach to Islamic terror. Over the weekend Wikileaks revealed that she favored open trade and open borders.

This was where Trump had his