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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Saturday, June 24, 2017

New York

B’nai Jeshurun is an important, widely regarded synagogue in New York City.  It will soon start officiating the weddings of couples who are of different faiths, one Jewish and the other not. The conditions of the weddings being that the interfaith couples will dedicate themselves to raising their children in the Jewish faith and otherwise building homes that are Jewish.

The new policy of marrying interfaith couples was officially made public at the annual meeting of the synagogue on Thursday, June 15th. The policy will be carried out in accordance with halachah, or established Jewish law, to encourage the participation of interfaith couples.  A ketubah, or traditional document which makes a marriage between two Jews a compact, will not be

On Sunday June 18th, the NYPD’s counterterror chief fervently contested a city council bill entitled the Public Oversight of Surveillance Technology Act. The proposed bill would force the police department to disclose its surveillance methods and other crucial secrets it utilizes to track and hinder terror plots. “It would be a law that would endanger people because it would help criminals and terrorists,” said Commissioner John Miller, referring to the bill. “It would endanger police

New York City Ferry’s new citywide service has exceeded the expectations of its popularity. Now just six weeks after its ahead-of-schedule debut, the city has needed to hire additional charter boats to accommodate the large demand. 

The city did predict that ridership on the ferry would increase during the summer months, but they had no idea just how much it would, and now the demand has overflowed the supply. Two additional 400-person ferries have been chartered by the city for $485,000 for

On Thursday, June 15, the New York state Senate Ethics Committee held its first session in eight years. 

During the meeting, the bonuses that committees’ vice chairs in the upper chamber receive on top of their $79,500 salaries, was debated. Critics argued that only the actual committee chairs are supposed to receive the bonuses.

This issue was discussed for close to an hour, and with no resolution in sight, it was placed aside to be addressed again at their next meeting. 

One Senate source

NYC has appealed a federal court decision not to allow a price hike on licenses for car washes using nonunion workforces over companies with unionized workers. The ruling, handed down at the end of May, was a setback for the de Blasio administration as well as other proponents such as the Retail, Wholesale & Department Store Union, New York Communities for Change, and Make the Road New York. Since the inception of a 2015 law, a car wash may not operate without a license. Owners must obtain