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Sandro Rosell
FC Barcelona President
Sunday, 25 September 2016


Syria’s military command has declared the U.S.-Russian negotiated cease-fire over, blaming the country’s rebel groups for undermining the agreement.

The Syrian military says “armed terrorist groups” repeatedly violated the cease-fire that came into effect last week and used it to mobilize and arm, while attacking government-held areas. It said the rebels wasted a “real chance’’ to stop the bloodshed and did not indicate whether the truce would be reinstated.

Activists and rebel groups also accuse the government of violating the cease-fire.

The United Nations said the Syrian government had obstructed the delivery of aid, a key component of the deal.

The U.N. emergency relief coordinator says he is “pained and disappointed” convoys

After fleeing Israel, the United States and Canada, a Chassidic sect known as Lev Tahor is now facing a government crackdown in their new found home of Guatemala City. 

Agents representing the central American country’s prosecution service paid an unexpected visit to the Lev Tahor compound last week and extricated several children on the grounds that they were both physically and mentally abused, according to reports that could not be confirmed. 

It has been reported that Guidy Mamann, the

Foreign Minister Ayrault looks to use annual UN event to push for Mideast peace conference, promises benefits package if deal reached

After its failure to convince Israel to participate in a regional summit earlier this year, the French Foreign Ministry is looking to organize an international Middle East peace conference, and is prepared to offer Israel and the Palestinian Authority benefits packages if the two can conclude a final status agreement.

The move marks a notably different approach

Jewish leaders warn that Germany is experiencing a “Nazi renaissance” after right wing party gains more seats in local elections

The ultra right wing “Alternative for Germany” (AfD) party has succeeded in netting 25 out of the 160 seats in the elections held yesterday for the Berlin State parliament. A Jewish leader from Bavaria warned that Germany is experiencing a “Nazi renaissance.”

The party has succeeded in electing delegates to 10 out of the 16 German states which make up the German

Legal wrangling on emotionally charged religious issues dominated the headlines in Israel on Monday, as the government was excoriated in court for their dismissive attitude towards implementing arrangements for non-Orthodox worship at Jerusalem’s Western Wall. 

Lambasting the government’s protracted foot-dragging over the last eight months as it pertains to providing equitable prayer venues for a panoply of non-Orthodox groups who have consistently petitioned the court in their favor,  High Court