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August 27th, 2016
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Breaking News Politics Satmar Voters in KJ Vote Obama - “Because He’s Not Pro-Israel”

Satmar Voters in KJ Vote Obama - “Because He’s Not Pro-Israel”

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While Israel did not play a major role in the presidential election – as Obama’s decline of support among Jewish voters resulted only in a symbolic loss of 10 percent – according to exit polls, Israel was at least a deciding factor the other way around in one of the anti-Zionist communities, the Satmar enclave in Kiryas Joel, Monroe.

Unofficial voting results for the village showed approximately 27% support for President Obama — a huge jump, considering that four years ago, Obama’s Republican opponent John McCain received about 90 percent of the vote in Kiryas Joel. According to a person familiar with the tally, out of the 5,286 votes that were cast, 1,904 went to Romney and 1,442 went to Obama.

The reason for the increased support of Obama is rooted by something the Obama administration so defiantly tried to cover up – his hostile relationship with Prime Minister Netanyahu and the administration’s Middle East policies.

“We were unofficially told to vote for Obama because Romney is pro-Israel,” a resident told The New York Post.

A source said he was about to cast his vote Tuesday when a child asked him if he was planning to vote for Obama. “I said, ‘Do you want me to vote for Obama? And he said, ‘Yes — because the other one is going to be good for [Israel].’ ”

“Some people voted for Obama to make a statement that they disagree with what they believe are unfair attacks against the president by Zionist interests,” Satmar resident Shimon Rolnitzky added.

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